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The actors from Malcom X, 1992, Denzel Wahington,(Malcom X), Angela Basset, (Dr Betty Shabazz), Spike Lee(Shorty), are wildcard actors, who are difficulty to classify as one certain type,because they can play a wide variety of characters equally well, without being typecast. (Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011). The style of Denzel Washington, who is a big box office draw, has numerous films and is also big box office draw for his portrayal of military commander officers, gangsters and law enforcement. Denzel Washington, is also a Director and producer. Denzel Wahintong was actor, producer and director of Antwone Fisher, 2002. which the young man that he is counseling, has a painful past, which Denzel Washintong, who plays the psychiatrist, helps him to realize his goals in life.
Angela Basset is a character actor and is know for her bibliography films such as Tina Turner, 1993,(What’s Love Got to do with it), Dr Betty Shabazz, 1992,(Malcom X), is a true star with distinctive screen persona, who is well known and popular, with the movie going public.(Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011). Angela Basset, has guest appearances on different TV episodes.
Do The Right Thing,(1989), School Daze,(1988)Malcolm X,(1992), Spike Lee. is an actor, director, screen writer and film producer, who also is a character actor in all of his films. He is a producer, writer and directors of his notable films about life as African Americans. His goal in his films is to show how the African Americans are treated in America. There has been controversy regarding his films as racist, because he does not take anything out of film, but gives it the vision on film as he sees it. Mise en scene for all the above actors is a reality fact, and all the props and costumes are era correct. Auteur theory for director takes charge during the film making process although he must work with others to create the whole of the film for the final product.

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gallery] see below, still photos
of Denzel Washington, Spike Lee and Angel Basset


ACTING AND ACTING STYLES Adrienne Lee’s Blog for this week 7/3/2014

Writer, Director, Spike Lee’s ‘Malcom X’, a film made in 1992. (Denzel Washington),Malcom X, (Angela Basset), Dr. Betty Shabazz, (Spike Lee), Shorty. Malcom X, was a Muslim leader, that started life in the streets, selling drugsa nd being labeled a hoodlum by society. This film shows how this actor can play different roles and is very consistent with his acting. Denzel Washington, has a star persona with big box office draw. His films include, ‘The Hurricane”(1999), Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter which he plays a box,who goes to prison on a trumped up charges from the police. He plays a hero to a young man who communicates and visits him in prison. ‘The Book of Eli'(2010), which he plays a blind prophet. Most characters that Denzel Washington plays, are real characters in most of his films. He also was a Director in a film called,’Antwon Fisher”(2002). His character are usually military commanders, or law enforcement officers, gangsters. His acting is fiery and anger driven. His star quality with a distinctive, who is well know and popular with the public. (Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011). The auteur theory is present in these films, because it is essential to construct a critical thinking process approach to see films on a deeper level and enjoy the film even more. (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs,.2011) para cite.

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IMBdmovieclipsThe Hurricaine
IMBdmovieclipMalcolm X

‘The Color Purple”

The Color Purple, was written by Alice Walker (1982) as a novel.  Director Stephen Spielberg released it as a film in 1985.This film is post slavery era in 1930’s filmed in the southern United States.  The movie has a genre of drama, where it tells the story of relationships between women of color, and the stories, that were told.  There is racism, sexism and poverty in this film.  The mise en scene is what the  what the audience sees in the scene, which include the actors.  The three basic categories are sound effects , dialogue and music.  With the use of theses elements, this not only makes the movie, such as the score, the background music does contribute much, by making you want to watch the film, it  demands the audiences attention.  The different sounds that are used for this film, include, nature calls form wild animals and birds.  The are cars that back fire, church music and hymns, because this era was about religion and juke joints, where people went to drink and dance.  People of color in this era, had to have their own social clubs due to racism, they were not welcome in the other clubs.  The use of sound in this film is delightful and will become tense at times with the movie score.  If this film did not have this sound or movie score, I think it would change the whole genre of the movie to a musical.  The editor decides what shots will be seen on the screen and for how long. Screen shots will also be arrange as to how the editor decides, not in chronological order. (Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011).

The scenes that I identified with , the color purple in a field of flowers which was called, ‘God’s Admiration”

there is a clip from the trailer below, and The family is reunited at the end. There is a clip in the references.,



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Adrienne’s Blog for this week 6/19/2014

SCARFACE’ was released in December 1983    Director; Brian De Palma,   Writer: Oliver Stone

(Al Pacino) Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant that came from Cuba when the Mariel Habour Port was opened for all immigrants to leave ,and come to the United States, after years of diplomatic silence between Cuba and the United States.  Thousands were affected in the boat lift for a chance at the American Dream. This is a gangster movie.t tells about the hard life that people lived while in Cuba.  The gangster mingled with the other refugees to get a spot to emigrate to the states.  They were place in holding areas until some family came forward, or they were released on their own. 

 What was the type of lighting used in the film? The lighting used in the film was traditional lighting.The cinematography that was used in the development of this film was constructed on the environment.  This film was made in Florida. The lighting was natural.. 

How did this technique contribute to the theme? The techniques that were used in the scenes were non linear, which do not move from one event to another in chronological order.

Was the lighting technique suited to the genre of the film? Yes, the lighting was suite for this film.  Mise enscene-what is placed in the scene made the movie more believable.   There was natural and high key lighting.

Compare how the scene would play, if different choices had been made. If different scene had been played, I do not believe that ‘Scareface’ , would have been a box office hit.


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Imitation of Life (1959)

Imitation Of Life
‘Imitation of of Life’, is one of my all time favorite movies. Directed by Douglas Sirk
Produced by Ross Hunter in 1959. The casts of characters include; Lank Turner (Lora Meredith),
Juanita Moore(Annie Johnson), Susan Kohner(Sarah Jane), Sandra Dee(Susie), John Gavin (Steve Archer). Written by Alfie Hitchie. Release date, April 30, 1959.

Imitation Of Life 02

Lank Turner (Lora Meredith), Sandra Dee(Susie), Susan Kohner(Sarah Jane), and Juanita Moore(Annie Johnson) featured in a dramatic scene.

Imitation Of Life 03
A day at the beach (the first interaction between main cast)

Imitation Of Life 04
Juanita Moore (October 19, 1914 – Januray 1, 2014) in her Oscar-nominated role as Annie Johnson in Douglas Sirk’s Imitation of Life

Imitation Of Life 05
John Gavin and Lana Turner in ‘Imitation of Life’, 1959.

Imitation Of Life 06
Lana Turner in Imitation of Life (1959)

Imitation Of Life 07
Imitation Of Life 08

Imitation Of Life 09

Imitation Of Life 10

Imitation Of Life 11

Imitation Of Life 12
Imitation Of Life 13


Imitation Of Life 15

Imitation Of Life 16
Sarah Jane played by susan kohner

Imitation Of Life 17
Susan Kohner in “Imitation of Life”

Imitation Of Life 18
Imitation of Life (1959) Starring Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Sandra Dee, and Susan Kohner

Imitation Of Life 19

Imitation Of Life 20

Imitation Of Life 21

Imitation Of Life 22

Imitation Of Life 23

imitation of life