ACTING AND ACTING STYLES Adrienne Lee’s Blog for this week 7/3/2014

Writer, Director, Spike Lee’s ‘Malcom X’, a film made in 1992. (Denzel Washington),Malcom X, (Angela Basset), Dr. Betty Shabazz, (Spike Lee), Shorty. Malcom X, was a Muslim leader, that started life in the streets, selling drugsa nd being labeled a hoodlum by society. This film shows how this actor can play different roles and is very consistent with his acting. Denzel Washington, has a star persona with big box office draw. His films include, ‘The Hurricane”(1999), Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter which he plays a box,who goes to prison on a trumped up charges from the police. He plays a hero to a young man who communicates and visits him in prison. ‘The Book of Eli'(2010), which he plays a blind prophet. Most characters that Denzel Washington plays, are real characters in most of his films. He also was a Director in a film called,’Antwon Fisher”(2002). His character are usually military commanders, or law enforcement officers, gangsters. His acting is fiery and anger driven. His star quality with a distinctive, who is well know and popular with the public. (Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011). The auteur theory is present in these films, because it is essential to construct a critical thinking process approach to see films on a deeper level and enjoy the film even more. (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs,.2011) para cite.

References: Goodykooontz,& Jacobs(2011) Film: From watching to seeing;
San Diego, CA;Bridgepoint Education, Inc
IMBdmovieclipsThe Hurricaine
IMBdmovieclipMalcolm X


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