Adrienne’s Blog for this week 6/19/2014

SCARFACE’ was released in December 1983    Director; Brian De Palma,   Writer: Oliver Stone

(Al Pacino) Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant that came from Cuba when the Mariel Habour Port was opened for all immigrants to leave ,and come to the United States, after years of diplomatic silence between Cuba and the United States.  Thousands were affected in the boat lift for a chance at the American Dream. This is a gangster movie.t tells about the hard life that people lived while in Cuba.  The gangster mingled with the other refugees to get a spot to emigrate to the states.  They were place in holding areas until some family came forward, or they were released on their own. 

 What was the type of lighting used in the film? The lighting used in the film was traditional lighting.The cinematography that was used in the development of this film was constructed on the environment.  This film was made in Florida. The lighting was natural.. 

How did this technique contribute to the theme? The techniques that were used in the scenes were non linear, which do not move from one event to another in chronological order.

Was the lighting technique suited to the genre of the film? Yes, the lighting was suite for this film.  Mise enscene-what is placed in the scene made the movie more believable.   There was natural and high key lighting.

Compare how the scene would play, if different choices had been made. If different scene had been played, I do not believe that ‘Scareface’ , would have been a box office hit.


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