‘The Color Purple”

The Color Purple, was written by Alice Walker (1982) as a novel.  Director Stephen Spielberg released it as a film in 1985.This film is post slavery era in 1930’s filmed in the southern United States.  The movie has a genre of drama, where it tells the story of relationships between women of color, and the stories, that were told.  There is racism, sexism and poverty in this film.  The mise en scene is what the  what the audience sees in the scene, which include the actors.  The three basic categories are sound effects , dialogue and music.  With the use of theses elements, this not only makes the movie, such as the score, the background music does contribute much, by making you want to watch the film, it  demands the audiences attention.  The different sounds that are used for this film, include, nature calls form wild animals and birds.  The are cars that back fire, church music and hymns, because this era was about religion and juke joints, where people went to drink and dance.  People of color in this era, had to have their own social clubs due to racism, they were not welcome in the other clubs.  The use of sound in this film is delightful and will become tense at times with the movie score.  If this film did not have this sound or movie score, I think it would change the whole genre of the movie to a musical.  The editor decides what shots will be seen on the screen and for how long. Screen shots will also be arrange as to how the editor decides, not in chronological order. (Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011).

The scenes that I identified with , the color purple in a field of flowers which was called, ‘God’s Admiration”

there is a clip from the trailer below, and The family is reunited at the end. There is a clip in the references.,



Goodykoontz,& Jacobs(2011), Film; From watching to seeing. San Diego, CA; Bridgepoint Education, Inc




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