ACTING AND ACTING STYLES Adrienne Lee’s Blog for week of July 6, 2014

The actors from Malcom X, 1992, Denzel Wahington,(Malcom X), Angela Basset, (Dr Betty Shabazz), Spike Lee(Shorty), are wildcard actors, who are difficulty to classify as one certain type,because they can play a wide variety of characters equally well, without being typecast. (Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011). The style of Denzel Washington, who is a big box office draw, has numerous films and is also big box office draw for his portrayal of military commander officers, gangsters and law enforcement. Denzel Washington, is also a Director and producer. Denzel Wahintong was actor, producer and director of Antwone Fisher, 2002. which the young man that he is counseling, has a painful past, which Denzel Washintong, who plays the psychiatrist, helps him to realize his goals in life.
Angela Basset is a character actor and is know for her bibliography films such as Tina Turner, 1993,(What’s Love Got to do with it), Dr Betty Shabazz, 1992,(Malcom X), is a true star with distinctive screen persona, who is well known and popular, with the movie going public.(Goodykoontz,& Jacobs, 2011). Angela Basset, has guest appearances on different TV episodes.
Do The Right Thing,(1989), School Daze,(1988)Malcolm X,(1992), Spike Lee. is an actor, director, screen writer and film producer, who also is a character actor in all of his films. He is a producer, writer and directors of his notable films about life as African Americans. His goal in his films is to show how the African Americans are treated in America. There has been controversy regarding his films as racist, because he does not take anything out of film, but gives it the vision on film as he sees it. Mise en scene for all the above actors is a reality fact, and all the props and costumes are era correct. Auteur theory for director takes charge during the film making process although he must work with others to create the whole of the film for the final product.

Goodykoontz,& Jacobs,(2011), Films from watching to seeing
San Diego CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

gallery] see below, still photos
of Denzel Washington, Spike Lee and Angel Basset


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